Craig christoffersen

Craig has been an Associate in Missions to Stockholm, Sweden since 2017. He has overseen the church for the past three years and was recently named Assistant Pastor in Forsamlingen Klippan.

Aaron & Jennifer Reynolds

The Reynolds are from Hamilton, Ontario and currently serve at Lifepoint Church as the Young Adult leaders. Aaron attended an AYC trip to Malaysia in 2016, and Jennifer an AYC trip to Brazil in the following year followed by Tanzania after that. They have an upcoming AIM deployment to the Southern ACN regions.

Sisco Family

Nick Sisco is a missionary to South Africa as well as the Area Coordinator for South Central Africa.

josh resar

Josh Resar is an International Evangelist from Peterborough, Ontario.

kayla melbourne

Ontario Sunday School Secretary ministering to the children about Missions

judah picar

Judah Picar and Austin Slagle will be ministering to the Youth about Missions.