FIRST CHURCH has a 75+ year tradition of partnering with missionaries & international ministries that effectively bring the Good News to hurting, needy people across the world. Our Lead Pastor & other team members have traveled extensively across the planet & are known for their passion to bring the Healing Message of JESUS to people everywhere. It is a joy for the FIRST CHURCH family to minister in the GTA(Greater TORONTO Area), where 52% of the population have been born outside of the nation of Canada. Statistically we are living in the most multicultural city in the entire world! This is a reason to celebrate, & we do! The people from FIRST CHURCH are diverse! You will be blessed by our 35 cultural groups the first time you attend.  We have a number of Life Groups made of diverse cultures that meet regularily  to fellowship and build relationships with each other and God.


The Bible

We value the Bible as GOD's inerrant Word; it is the guideline for everything we do.

Relationship with Christ

We value a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, & the Word of GOD.

GOD's Will

We value knowing and following the will of GOD at any cost. Loving GOD - Living Holy

We value loving GOD and living our lives in a way that pleases Him.


We value living and functioning with an atitude of excellence.


We value becoming like the 1st Century New Testament Church in doctrine, ministry & methods.


We value strong families-- they are vital to the health of the church and the nation.


We value nurturing and empowering GOD's people to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ.


We value unity in the Body of Christ.


We value the stewartship of our gifts, time & finances.


We value each person as having intrinsic worth, regardless of age, colour, culture, gifting, social standing or gender. 


We value living our lives with a consistent awareness of eternity.